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      Heavy Selected | Top 100 unicorn of new infrastructure industry!

      Release time:2020-07-01

      On June 30, Entrepreneur & i Black Horse, together with several media such as Securities Daily, Sina Finance and Economics, Sci Tech Innovation Board Daily of Cailian Society and other media, jointly launched the "top 100 unicorn of new infrastructure industry" evaluation results with 60 investment institutions.


      As a leading provider of AI chips and solutions for the AIoT in China, Nationalchip has been listed in the list of "top 100 unicorn of new infrastructure industry" AI enterprises.


      The purpose of the "top 100 unicorn of new infrastructure industry" is to find the strong performers and leaders in the field of new infrastructure, show their unique value and potential, and make greater contributions in their respective fields. The list was evaluated from five dimensions, including technological strength, investment value, growth value and leading value. After layer by layer screening, Nationalchip stood out from 362 enterprises with its product innovation ability in the field of AI chips, profound technology accumulation and high market recognition.


      In 2020, "new infrastructure" is irresistible. In this year two sessions, the "new infrastructure" was written into the government work report. According to statistics, 22 provinces launched more than 10000 projects, and the total investment in "new infrastructure" exceeded 33 trillion RMB.


      The new infrastructure will bring the cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data into the construction scope, indicating that the "intelligent era" has begun. As the power source of AI, AI chip plays an indispensable role.


      For a long time, Nationalchip has been deeply engaged in the field of artificial intelligence. With years of technology accumulation in audio and video direction, it has enabled AI for the industry and helped many partners to build core competitiveness in the AI field. Around the application integration of "AI plus people, home and car", it has realized the mass production and landing in many scenes, such as smart speaker, smart home, smart home appliance, smart car, smart toy, etc.


      With the advent of the new infrastructure era, the change of communication technologies such as 5G and 6G will also help AI cross the barrier and usher in new development opportunities. In this trend, Nationalchip will continue to work in the field of AI chips, promote the development of new infrastructure AI technology, adhere to the mission of "building a better life with cores", and continuously output competitive solutions for the industry.


      AI China chip, drive "new infrastructure"!